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As promised I am here to deliver to you makeup-ista’s my personal picks of the best 13 products of 2013! The thing I love about makeup is that there is always some new and exciting product to get to know and love out there. I just want to share some of mine that I have found so far. I am always open to what you use and love as well so if you haven’t already “Like” us on Facebook and tell me what’s in your kit! Without further ado..

1. Tom Ford lipcolor in Pink Dusk

I have to admit that I absolutely became obsessed with this brand after my husband and I purchased Tom Ford eyewear last year. Do I love my retro Tom Ford cat eye frames?? Yes, yes and double YES! So, the obsession began..that brings me to my most favorite lipcolor I have worn in years! Pink Dusk is my “it” color of this year. I think it is the perfect shade of pink. It is hard to find a good nude lipcolor. Alot of shades tend to be either to beige and muddy looking, or they tend to be too pink. Then, you have the problem that so many have of being to nude that (especially for weddings) the lip looks great in person but totally disappears on film. This color has that fixed. Its the perfect  blend of beige and pink and even a hint to the coral side of things. I cant stop wearing it and am sure you wont be able to either! I love Nordstrom’s so here is the link to make that lipcolor get to you quicker!

2.Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna

There is nothing that I can’t stand more than when I see orange, overly shiney bronzer on someone. Dont get me wrong, I would kill to have that JLO glow, but I dont want to cross over into looking like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Most bronzers are just too much of a good thing for me. Restraining these products on the skin is so hard that its almost pointlesss. UNTIL I found Nars Bronzing powder in Laguna. This bronzer will make you look like you literally spent a week at Laguna Beach without ever getting orange. Enough said.

3.Urban Decay Naked Basics palette

This is a MUST HAVE in anyone’s kit. This just screams “bridal” to me. I love this palatte because its matte. Shine is great, but I love how these shadows create a beautiful neutral,soft smokey eye without any unnecessary shine or glitter. They blend amazingly, and read beautifully in person and in pictures.,default,pd.htm

4.Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

I am sampling new foundations constantly!! I was extremely surprised at how smooth and pliable this liquid foundation went on. I tried it with a Beauty Blender sponge and a #188 MAC brush. I have to say it blends a million times better with the brush. (Nothing against the sponge, Im just a devoted brush girl). The only warning to everyone is I found the colors do oxidize a bit and turn slightly darker over time (for me about 1 hour). This gave me a great healthy glowing looking skin that I really enjoyed!


5.Lonjore False Lashes in Angel

We loved this particular false lash because of the band. It was slightly thicker and sturdier than Ardell lashes yet not as heavy and cumbersome as MAC’s false lashes. These were heavy on the drama but not on the eyelid.


6. Kat Von D triple threat tattoo liner’s in Poetica, Saint and Sinner

Ok, so the names of these definitely made me feel like I should be rocking a leather jacket and getting some new ink. I had fun with the different tips on each of these liners. I tested them creating a strong, winged liner on myself. I was pleasantly surprised, they each had there own advantages to helping create the look easier. They are very long-wearing and did not smudge (yes, I tend to be an eye-rubber). The black was not as dark as I would have hoped coming from Kat Von D. Even still, that was not worth not keeping these in your kit! Have fun!


7.Kat Von D lipstick in Celebutard..

Ok, so this name is in a word..interesting. Needless to say, I love this color! If your looking for a more affordable option to the pricey Tom Ford Lipcolor this would be a great solution. It has a great velvety texture, and the color is gorgeous! Its more decidedly nude pink than the Tom Ford color but it is still a great color to have for this year!

8. MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

I am loving this mascara from my favorite company MAC! It is a curling mascara that is super lightweight to wear and is said to last 16 hours. Now, Ive got to be honest I have not tested its durability at 16 hours but I will say, it lasts all day and doesnt run or smudge..again a necessary element for an avid eye-rubber. I love that the black is super black and it gives my already long and luscious lashes a subtle lift. You will not be disappointed!

9. House of Lashes Noir Fairy False lash

Hello Glamour!!! These may not be for the average bride to wear on her wedding day, but let me tell you they are incredible! I love wearing these for a night out or anytime I want just show-stopping lashes! These are so full and dense you would get lost in these things! I like that they are tiered with shorter and longer strands as well as thinner and thicker pieces as well. Its all 100% cruelty free..the only way for anything to be.

10.Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in Coral Ambition

So your probably thinking..another lipstick?! I wanted to give you options. From the very luxurious with a price tag to match Tom Ford to the middle range Kat Von D now to Maybelline. Lets face it, we’ve all got budgets to think about. So I wanted to give you my 3 fave lip colors in 3 different price ranges. This one is the cheapest, but don’t let price fool you. It wears nice and light and even helped smooth over my chapped winter ridden lips. The color is a must have to spring. I found this to be perfect for that run to the grocery store, or even the gym. Yes, I wear lip color to the gym..Im a makeup junkie, get over it:)Fact of the matter is, this is versatile. Coral is a harder color for everyone to wear, but try it. If you can rock it. You will want this in your purse.

11.MAC pressed pigments

A little really does go a long way with these. A LONG way! These I love using as a beautiful cheek highlight with my MAC #239 brush. I liked them as shadow too. They claim to be buildable to a medium coverage and thats fairly accurate in my opinion. I wouldn’t purchase these with the intent of trying to build color on the eye lid. The product really didn’t perform that well for me trying to do that. But, on the cheek and as a subtle pop of sheen to the skin its absolutely worth every dollar. I am still playing with all the fun ways I can use this product. Definitely worth checking out!


12.Smashbox Camera Ready Beauty Balm

This is so versatile its not even funny! I love wearing this lovely BB cream alone for a very sheer, light natural finish. Or I enjoy putting it under my regular foundation for an added bit of coverage. Its so lightweight and smooth I could seriously wear this all the time! Its really to easy to wear and work with that it should be a mandatory must have for everyone. Added bonus is the SPF 35 that all the shades come in. The SPF formulation doesn’t do weird things to the texture or color of the makeup either. Gotta love how Smashbox has totally got that right! Go match your shade if you want your makeup routine to get that much easier..


13. MAC #239 brush

I saved a classic and possibly still the best product for last. Brushes are what makes a makeup a artist. No way around it. In a world where QVC is selling people airbrush machines and sponges are making a comeback..I still love the almighty brush. If my eye makeup could be done with one brush I would do it with this one. Its incredible for building color on the lid as well as creating my signature eye look. It may be small but its definitely mighty in terms of all that this brush can create. Let it help you develop your own signature style. I never tell people rules for what brushes can do. Use them how it works and feels best for you. Another thing I always recommend, quality is totally worth every dollar. It may seem daunting to fill your brush belt with expensive brushes, but trust me it is worth every penny.


To End,

Thank you for checking out my Top 13 of 2013. I am always looking, playing with and testing new products so if you have something you think I should try tell me!

Have fun!



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