Winter product {LOVE}…

As the days are short and it is far too cold outside…I thought I would do my best to “heat things up a bit” for all my fellow makeup mavens.  As I’m constantly updating my kit always on the hunt for the latest “holy grail” in the cosmetic world I wanted to share with you some of my recent tried and tested LOVES.

So lets start with what always makes me weak in the knees..eye liner. With all the different types the swanky packaging the clever product names and of course the finished looks..I am always searching for a new liner that could potentially de-throne my current LOVE, M.A.C’s fluid line in Blacktrack. Has my current liner been replaced? Well, not quite…but this product by Nars certainly has my attention. I love this liner not only because its super easy to use but when it says it goes on black it actually means it!  The color payoff is huge. That’s something I’m very picky about, no one wants a black eyeliner that actually goes on grey…right??!! So this liner is no liar, it lets its black mean black. In other news it boasts 24 hour wearability which I would have to question a bit. I’m still playing with some eye primers to see if I would feel safe using it on weddings. Ultimately though it holds up very well. Well enough in fact that it has my LOVE.:)

My second mention is something that is just pure fun!! We all need a little fun in our makeup routines especially this time of year. As most of you all know I am a uber proud dog parent to my handsome little man Sgt. Pepper. He is only the cutest Mini Schnauzer you will ever meet. So, when I received a bright fun new cream eyeshadow by the name of “Schnauzer” how could I not put this on my LOVE list!!??  Truly if your looking for a fun new shadow that has great wearability and color payoff look no further than Buxom by Bare Essentials cream stay- eye shadow. Personally I love both my Schnauzers, but you may be more of a pug kinda girl or cocker spaniel…they even have a color called mutt for those of you who just can’t decide. Was I sucked in by some adorable packaging, or quite possibly a ploy to hit all of us doggy mommy’s right in there soft spots? Sure…but the product does hold its own. It’s not just another pretty package.:)

Well, I hope this gave you a couple of new ideas to spice up what will surely be another long cold winter.

Until next time…



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